APC Back - UPS 600 (600VA)

APC Back - UPS 600 (600VA)

Rs. 3250.00/-
2 Year

Output  Max Configurable Power (Watts)

360 Watts / 600VA   Output Frequency (sync to mains)

50 Hz Sync to mains  Topology

Line interactive  Waveform type

Transfer Time 10 ms typical : 12 ms maximum

Input  Input frequency  45 - 65 Hz Auto-sensing

Input voltage range for main operations  145 - 290 V

Number of Power Cords  1

Batteries & Runtime 

Battery type Lead-acid battery  

Typical recharge time  6hour(s)

Nominal Battery Voltage  12 V

Audible Alarm

Alarm when on battery : distinctive low battery alarm : overload continuous tone alarm

Surge Protection and Filtering

Maximum Height  218MM, 21.8CM

Maximum Width  107MM, 10.7CM

Maximum Depth  237MM, 23.7CM

Net Weight  4.7KG

Shipping weight  5.2KG

Shipping Height  295MM, 29.5CM

Shipping Width  165MM, 16.5CM

Shipping Depth  310MM, 31.0CM

Color  Black  Environmental

Standard warranty   2 years repair or replace

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